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Park Christmas Savings Club, together with its sister brands Country Christmas Savings Club and Family Hampers Christmas Savings Club, grew through the simple but effective idea of saving a fixed amount each week over an agreed period of time in order to spread the cost of Christmas.  The Park budget plan helps families prepare and budget for Christmas in a controlled and careful manner ensuring that they can enjoy the festive season free from financial worries.  Customers purchase prepaid gift cards, vouchers, hampers or other gift products on a 45 week prepaid instalment plan from Park.  Products are delivered in time for Christmas.

Park operates via a network of agents.  Agents are recruited between October and February, by responding to press advertising, direct mail campaigns and direct response to television advertising (DRTV).  Agents then recruit customers who wish to purchase the various products on display in our annual catalogue and on the internet, including grocery hampers, meat packs, freezer packs, confectionery packs, drinks packs, shopping, travel and leisure prepaid cards and vouchers, jewellery and gifts.  Additional products are offered throughout the year to add to the agent’s order.

Payments to agents can be spread over a period of up to 45 weeks.  Agents are paid a commission based on sales to customers and may also receive a variety of gifts and other benefits for sales performance throughout the year.

It is also becoming popular for customers to order items just for themselves.  Park now has agents and customers in virtually every corner of the UK, and with the acquisition of the brand names, customer and agent databases of Dublin based Celtic Hampers and Family Hampers in October 2010, Park now has a presence in the Eurozone.

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