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 What do I do if I lose my share certificate?

A1. You can obtain a duplicate from the registrars. A fee will be charged by the registrars for the issue of a duplicate certificate. To contact the registrars, please either write to their address, or contact them by telephone. To view registrars' contact details click here

 I receive more than one copy of the Report and Accounts, what should I do?

A2. This occurs if you hold two blocks of shares in slightly different names. To correct this please write to the registrars giving them details and they will then consolidate your shareholding in one block. To view registrars' contact details click here

 What happens if a shareholder dies?

A3. Inform the registrars and send a certified copy of the Death Certificate together with the Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration. Once this has been done the deceased's personal representatives will be substituted on the share register whilst the estate is administered and will continue to receive all dividends. To view registrars' contact details click here

 Who do I inform if I move house or change my name?

A4. If you move house please write to the registrars and inform them of your old address and your new address. If you change your name please inform the registrars of your former name and your new name and send them, if appropriate, a copy of your marriage certificate. To view registrars' contact details click here

 What is my present shareholding?

A5. This information can be obtained from the registrars website. You will need to identify yourself to obtain this information. To view registrars' contact details click here

 Can I receive corporate documents in electronic form rather than printed versions?

A6. Yes, certain corporate documents may be received in an electronic format. Contact our registrars to apply.

 I want to transfer my shares. How do I go about this?

A7. In all cases where private transfers of shares occur, a Non-Market or Stock Transfer form should be completed. Where the transferred shares are a gift and no money is changing hands, the reverse of the transfer should be completed and a declaration made under one of the categories listed A - M. Where the shares are transferred for cash, stamp duty is payable on these shares (usually the buyer of the shares is responsible for this), and the transfer should bear the appropriate Inland Revenue Stamp Duty on the front of the transfer. This stamp should equal or exceed 0.5% of the consideration money (money used to buy the shares), rounded up to the nearest £5. The transfer form should be taken or sent to the nearest Stamp Office for this to be done prior to being forwarded to the registrar together with the share certificate(s) for cancellation.

Click here to access or download a Stock Transfer form

 I still have a share certificate in Park Food Group plc, is this valid?

A8. Following the Company's name change in 1998 the share certificates in the name of Park Food Group plc remain valid.