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Love2shop Business Services

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More than 7,500 UK businesses choose Love2shop Business Services (formerly Love2reward) to help them recognise high-achieving employees, motivate those who need a challenge, incentivise customers or reward responses to research studies.

As one of the largest providers of incentive and reward solutions in the UK, we are specialists in performance improvement and have been providing market-leading reward management products and services for over 20 years.

Our core commitment and philosophy is to provide ultimate choice, value and flexibility, whatever your budget.

With this in mind, we have invested heavily in a unique, in-house IT infrastructure 'flexecash'.  This allows us to cost-effectively issue and process pre-paid cards - such as our latest Love2shop and Love2shop Extra gift cards - and to become an acquirer in a similar manner to Visa and MasterCard.

So whether you want to utilise the power of the gift cards supported by flexecash, the UK's largest multi-retail gift voucher (Love2shop), administer your programme via our sophisticated online reward management system (VIP) or tailor make an incentive or benefits package to suit your individual needs, we have the solution!

Reward & Recognition
The most common reason given for leaving a job is the lack of a company reward scheme - surprising given the many opportunities employers have to recognise staff.  Love2shop Business Services will help you install a reward scheme that works.

As an experienced employee recognition provider, we've got reward mechanics that will be appreciated, simple to administer, cost-effective and above all, measurable.

Employee Benefits
Our employee benefit option, 'Everyday Benefits', provides you with a unique, low cost way of motivating your current employees whilst acting as a great staff recruitment and retention tool.

We all know that employees who feel valued and recognised perform better.  Giving your workforce the ability to sign up to a cost-effective, flexible and truly valuable employee benefits programme, which is easy to administer, will help you achieve your goal.

Incentives and Motivation
When you need free best practice advice on issues such as 'alternatives to cash incentives', 'what makes a great staff incentive' or 'how to provide effective rewards', Love2shop Business Services can provide it.

As experts in incentives and motivation, we have the solutions too.  From multi-option gift cards and vouchers to online points platforms that will quickly and cost-effectively make your incentives initiative become a reality.

Sales Promotion
Launching a new product or service can be difficult, especially in times of economic uncertainty.  So using a consumer sales promotion can help make the difference when it comes to customer acquisition or as an incentive to increase sales.

Your promotion needs to be an easy to evaluate offer with maximum perceived value.  Love2shop Business Services range of gift cards, e-codes, along with full company presentation options and vouchers fit the bill perfectly.

Park’s research has highlighted that companies with up to 350 employees, that want to provide voluntary benefit schemes for staff, often find the cost rather high.  Around 70 per cent of Park’s customers fall into this size bracket and there is a lack of low-cost schemes in the market.  Park has addressed this by designing Everyday Benefits, to be attractive to companies of all sizes.  The structure of the scheme is attractive to both Park and the customer as it delivers a higher return from the benefits on offer rather than charging a substantial fee to run the scheme.

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